Dada kitchen prime modern handle design glass Dark walnut Carrara marble Woody chair wood lacquered

Dada Prime: the new kitchen by Dada

The Prime Dada kitchen manages to amaze with its elegance and its unusual shapes: discover all its innovations



Dada Prime is the new kitchen by Dada launched in 2018. It is the result of careful study which has given life to a new way of approaching this home environment: functionality and elegance are closely linked to recreate a comfortable and modern space, suitable for every need.

The purpose of this model is to fully express the potential of a kitchen characterized by elements with handleless openings which give several advantages to Dada Prime kitchen. First of all an aesthetic advantage: the lack of handles offers a complete and uninterrupted view of the finely crafted doors, so as to enhance all the finishes.

Secondly, it offers the user an easier and more practical type of opening, which are essential elements for a work area such as the kitchen.


The kitchen immediately takes on a modern, minimalist look, celebrating pure and essential lines.

The Prime door, with its curved handle, is designed to make the opening even easier and more ergonomic than the traditional flat or C openings.


The finishes are essential for every kitchen and they take on the role of kitchen protagonists. The finishes of Dada Prime enrich each element with sophisticated discretion, giving the eye a feeling of simplicity and refinement.


The Prime Dada kitchen, like all Dada models, comes in many compositional variations to perfectly suit any type of environment.

The project presents the new glass door for the first time, available for the wall units and columns of the Flair collection, and the aluminum-tapered shelves of the Wing collection. Furthermore, each element can be enriched with profiles illuminated by LED lights hidden in the sides of the modules.


The kitchen can be designed by adding a Prime snack bar with the supporting structure in titan aluminum or pewter and completed with the new wood finish in dark walnut. This top is finished off with Woody stools by Francesco Meda, designer of the entire Woody seating collection for Molteni & C. The structure of the stool is in solid ash (available in natural or black), while the seat can always be in solid ash or regenerated leather, available in various colors.

From a material point of view, the door finish is available in: laminate (ten different types), maxxigloss® (in white, gray, snow white and mocha), laminate (available in nine colors), fenix® (available in eleven colors), lacquered (available in 18 colors) and ten different types of wood finishes. The top finishes are available in: fenix®, natural stones, quartzite, ceramic, painted glass, corian®, and stainless steel.



The combinations of the various available materials can significantly change the atmosphere of the Prime Dada kitchen, creating either a more rustic and familiar look or one more modern and urban.

In the kitchen composition proposed at the beginning, in a wide industrial-style environment, we find the following materials:

- Dark walnut island base doors, matte moka lacquered corner base doors

- Carrara marble top, side and back

- Dark walnut snack bar, titan structure

- Woody stools with seat and structure in black-stained ash

- Carrara marble Wing system, titan aluminum shelves, LED

- Dark walnut wall units

- Matte moka lacquered columns

- Flair columns with bronze glass doors, titan profiles, extra-clear glass shelves, slate structure, LED


Dada kitchen prime modern island design glass Carrara marble Woody chair molteni armchair gio ponti
Dada kitchen prime modern curve handle design glass Dark walnut Carrara marble Woody chair wood sink
Dada kitchen prime modern island design glass Carrara marble Woody chair lacquered angular sink
Dada kitchen prime modern design glass column wall unit
Dada kitchen prime modern design glass column wall unit oven black walnut
Dada kitchen prime modern curved handle design Carrara marble LED light shelves

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