design kitchen accessories Dada bread cutting wooden

Accessories in design kitchen

The logic of Dada for drawers and baskets accessories allows you to optimize the use of space, because the accessories inside a design kitchen make the difference.



We know Dada as a synonym for quality and innovation, aesthetics and functionality, not only for the outside but also for the interior of its kitchens. To deepen this concept means not stopping at first glance, what is generally appreciated most, but get inside the kitchen, explore the accessories and their possible use.


Pragmatic use of internal space is a prerogative of brand, which has always focused on an idea of excellence unique in its kind. The accessories for drawers and baskets of design kitchen are designed with a precise logic: large baskets are designed to contain pots, lids, dishes and bottles with non-slip bases, wooden racks and adjustable dish racks; the drawers for smaller items, for everyday tools in a quality kitchenware, to be included in their interior with dividers for cutlery and tools.


The accessories add to the possibility of adding LED lighting inside the bases with automatic ignition at the opening of the drawer, this function is available for different sizes and the number of transformers is calculated to ensure compatible lighting in each drawer.


These are accessories for a simple and functional design kitchen, from grilles to knife holders, all designed to be integrated into any model of Dada, to set up outside and inside as well as a design  kitchen to last over time.


The real luxury is in the details, in a kitchen feature that not only focuses on the aesthetics.



design kitchen accessories Dada bread cutting wooden
design kitchen accessories Dada open drawers detail
design kitchen accessories Dada tool drawer wooden marble
design kitchen accessories Dada cutlery tools drawer
design kitchen accessories Dada cession dishes interior lighting
design kitchen accessories Dada white open drawers tools

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