Pewter table Dada modern marble surface

Modulor, prince among Dada pewter tables

Because of its versatility, the Modulor table designed by Nicola Gallizia can be perfectly fit in different environments, styles and kitchens.



Modulor is part of the Dada pewter table collections. The world-known company for the production of kitchens with design and flawless functionality confirms its professionalism also to workbenches. Tables, chairs and stools; beautifully designed furnitures and clean lines in perfect harmony with the style that for years distinguishes the brand Dada.   


Modulor is the prince of Dada pewter table collection. A linear structure, made up of legs that can easily be arranged as needed, is matched to a horizontal surface available in different finishes. These are just some of the features that make this product unique. The shapes are regular and geometric, ideal for completing the Indada line, designed by the same Milanese designer Nicola Gallizia. Like the table, the kitchen is made up of elements formally clear and fit in functionally. The infinite compositions, combined with shapes, colors and materials, make it possible to build a flawlessly crafted environment. Modulor completes the space by transferring the same elegance to the most pleasant area of the kitchen.


It is possible to place the legs from the choice of materials, it is customization of this model according to the needs of client.



Pewter table Dada modern design
Pewter table Dada modern marble surface
Pewter table Dada wooden modern design
Pewter table Dada rectangular

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