kitchen wood design Dada model vvd walnut doors

The design kitchen in wood

A Tour through the Dada Kitchens models, to explore the possible configurations of the design kitchen in wood. From Light Oak to Walnut Canaletto, every wood has aesthetic and functional features that tell the world of Dada kitchens.



Dada's kitchens are born in there was a small artisan workshop in 1926 and in the years has maintained quality, attention to detail and the selection of the finest wood.


Each Dada model offers the ability to customize the wood design kitchen through the configuration of the modules, but also in the choice of materials, for wood lovers the variants are all extremely interesting.


The catalog includes the wood: walnut, walnut, light oak, light elm, eucalyptus, dark oak, dark elm, oak graphite grey oak, chestnut burned, oak, black oak.
Each of these species has some characteristics that make them unique and identifiable to a particular style, all functional for the design of wooden kitchen furniture.


Dynamic and elegant, Dada's kitchens are the emblem of tradition that has the ability to renew without sacrificing its sophisticated roots, in this case made of wood. 
From the most classic options such as walnut, more suitable for traditional homes, to more original like graphite oak, ideal for contemporary homes to be heated with the touch of wood, what remains unchanged is the excellence of the materials with which the Dada kitchens are made.


Among the design kitchens in wood produced by Dada, the VVD model comes with walnut doors to the Banco model in dark elm: the alternation of materials allows you to appreciate the wide range of available wood. You will be spoiled from the choices.



kitchen wood design Dada model vvd walnut doors
kitchen wood design Dada vvd walnut doors stone island
kitchen wood design Dada model vvd detail hob
kitchen wood design Dada model banco
kitchen wood design Dada model banco central island
kitchen wood design Dada model banco lighting LED

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