island kitchen designs black wood

The island kitchen designs

A selection of Dada models to tell how the kitchen changes shape and adapts to new needs. There is no longer any boundaries, the island kitchen designs often become the filter between living and cooking, for an idea of current conviviality.



The configuration of the home has changed and the kitchen has become the protagonist and symbol of this change. Living space is no longer limited to the only living room but thanks to the island kitchen designs it overflows into the kitchen becoming a continuum of conviviality and details.


This change in the configuration of our homes is not dictated by the simple reduction of spaces, many environments, even from generous surface areas, adopt an open view of the house by placing the kitchen in relation to the living and different environments of the home.


In this change now consolidated in the years the island kitchen designs become the only filter between the two spaces, a spatial and functional division than a real one. A middle ground where the books dialog with the jars of the pantry finding a new language made of simple and informal dinners. The formality period is over, the Millennials world looks at the substance of the matter by neglecting obsolete rigors, without forgetting discretion and education. Unique kitchen island is more and more a unique environment to find that home heat that only the home can give.



island kitchen designs black wood
island kitchen designs white with island
island kitchen designs white
island kitchen designs grain straw

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