Image of the island in stone of the Armani Slide kitchen

Armani kitchen: fashion meets design

The kitchen line Armani Dada brings Giorgio Armani’s style in the home decor sector




The line Armani Dada is a brand born in 2008 from the encounter of fashion giant Giorgio Armani and one of the best brands of italian design, the group Molteni & Co, chosen by the designer because of the high quality in its production.


The partnership started with the production of kitchens and has since turned out to be a winning product. Design, comfort, elegance and functionality are the keywords to describe the creations of the group Armani Dada, whose kitchens are already internationalized. In fact, their first projects have been immediately installed in Dubai, inside of the 114 house of the Armani Residence in the Burj building in Dubai, the tallest man-made structure so far. And even in the first year of its birth, the Armani Dada Group has done the kitchen for the 57th floor of the Federation Tower of Moscow.


In short, a production known for its international opening and the elegance that has always characterized all Giorgio Armani productions.

As the designer himself says: “Elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered.”


And certainly once you dine in an Armani kitchen you cannot forget it: pleasant moments are waiting for those who will use one.


Lets see more in detail the productions of the Armani home line:


The concept that has inspired Giorgio Armani is the informal yet refined atmosphere of a dinner invitation issued by a chef. Here, kitchen takes the lead, a space around which guests gather. The luxury is seen from a new perspective: fine materials and a functional structure in every minimum detail. In the middle of the kitchen there’s the wide working area, designed in marble and positioned over the characteristic island, which flows open to reveal a wide working area in stainless steel. The doors of the islands and the wall system have horizontal panels in wood, finished with metal sheets cut at regular intervals. The functional elements are hidden under the workstation, which covers the working area of the kitchen (hob, sink and cutting board), thanks to a delicate mechanism of horizontal sliding. The wall system has exclusive elements and redesigned proportions: a system of panels with high columns up to the ceiling and horizontally sliding walls with electric doors, to remove all the obstructions from the worktop. A mechanism of vertical sliding, patented exclusively for this kitchen, keeps the oven hidden behind the door and makes it visible only when it's being used.


This design is based on the open space kitchen, designed for large spaces with large-scale kitchens in linear or angular configurations. This working zone at home is designed using a design language more formal, sober and essential, thus revealing the elegance of the composition. Precious natural wood, exclusive lacquers and multilayer-vanished glass, are matched with the natural stone worktop. The characteristic usage of the materials increases the smooth surface of the furniture, giving a tridimensional effect, underlined by the usage of LED illumination in the back of the panels and under the worktop. Framed by the structure, the counters get a refined and minimalistic aspect. The modular counters with closed sliding doors and equipped with shelves and a cooker hood create a chess-like composition.


The Bridge kitchen blends in with the surrounding ambiances - a bridge between the dining and living area. The technology that characterizes this model is present but not invasive: A simple movement from the dividing wall and the working space of the kitchen island integrates with the living room. The central block contains everything needed for the preparation of food. A dispensing container, a cooking hob and a refrigeration unit, all faced with a patented folding door system that disappears sideways, complete the equipment of this functional kitchen. The kitchen is composed by an elegant combination of materials, in stainless steel and natural stonework for the working station, suede and oak for the structure and the interiors, glass and textured bronze for doors and lacquered fabrics for the lining.


Image of the island in stone from above of the Armani Slide kitchen
Image of the container for the oven, with the oven visible, from the Armani Slide kitchen
Image of the container for the oven, where the oven can be partially seen, from the Armani Slide kit
Image of the container for the oven, with the oven completely covered, from the Armani Slide kitche
 Image of the container for the oven, with the oven completely covered, from the Armani Slide kitche
Work station and container of the Armani Checker kitchen
Work station of the Armani Checker kitchen
Sink in stone from above of the Armani Checker kitchen
The hob and sink from the Armani Bridge kitchen are placed in a wooden compartment
Oven and dispenser from the Armani Bridge kitche
The three containers of the Armani Bridge kitchen. The one from the sink is open and the other two a
Image of the wooden drawer from the Armani Bridge kitchen

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