Opting for a designer kitchen does not mean paying attention only to aesthetics, and Dada knows this well. Over the last few decades, the Molteni group brand has been careful to seize the evolution of client tastes and trends regarding the kitchen environment, developing products in which elegance goes hand in hand with functionality.

This is why, together with the various collections designed by some of the biggest names in international design, Dada has sought to constantly enrich its line of accessories, elements capable of making kitchens more innovative and original, transforming them on the basis of one's needs.

In fact, Dada's kitchen accessories make it possible to achieve a high degree of customization, an aspect that has become increasingly central to the contemporary customer: trolleys, drawers, cutting boards and much more are extremely precious for organizing the available space and go perfectly with the design of the different models.


Personalize your kitchen with Dada's high quality accessories

Personalizing your kitchen with Dada accessories means making this home environment suitable for those who live there every day and love to devote themselves to preparing food or, more simply, cherishing moments of sharing with their guests and family.

The elements designed by Dada to enrich the kitchen have in fact the aim of improving its organization and facilitating operations, often in a discreet way and without neglecting the design, which remains one of the main features of the brand.

A perfect example is given by the trolley with an integrated cutting board, which allows you to cut the ingredients not necessarily in a static point, but where it is more convenient depending on the occasion. It is therefore a useful and functional accessory, however made with the highest quality materials, as required by the Dada tradition, from the solid oak of the cutting board to the mix of maple wood and aluminum.

Even the apparently simplest accessories, such as drawers and wardrobes, reveal a great attention to detail, visible for example in the non-slip bottoms or in the adjustable plate holders.


Refined details for luxury kitchens: Dada accessories

Dada accessories are also studied in detail as they are designed to give a further touch of elegance and style to the brand's designer kitchens, preserving that refined atmosphere which is the result of the intersection between the ideas of the best designers and the highest quality materials .

Another perfect demonstration of this approach is the Multitank sink, a sort of multifunctional station that allows you to carry out various operations in the same place, thanks to the three different levels that slide inside the steel tank allowing you to install a Derlin cutting board, a surface for washing food and a utensil surface, depending on the needs.

This focus of functionality and design is just one of the many accessories with which you can complete a Dada luxury kitchen: to discover them all, and figure out which ones best suit your needs, all you have to do is visit the flagship store in Corso Europa 2, Milan and be guided by a team of professionals with decades of experience.


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