Image of the Vela kitchen by Dada

The Latest Island Kitchen Designs

Take a look at these unique kitchen island designs, which bring a modern and functional look to our cooking spaces




Island kitchens are a big trend characteristic of the contemporary design.

Made famous thanks to the broadcast of cooking shows, this is a trend that has increased over the course of the years, even when it comes to private kitchens.

More than a trend, island kitchen designs represent a functional and practical solution when it comes to the space.

The latest novelty include taking out the partition wall, thus leaving more space to the island and creating a modern and open domestic space, which makes this a more social environment.

And if bad scents frighten us, there is no need to fear: the level of technology achieved by the extractor hoods allows us to create these open spaces without fearing that the smell of food spreads out into the rest of our home.


The notion of modern island kitchen designs is linked to the concept of an open kitchen, which includes moments of socializing during meal preparation: a modern way of experiencing the Italian lifestyle and its cooking rituals.

This technique allows you to be able to stay in the kitchen and not have to give your back to your guests, an advantage that many women know well!

In addition, an island, obviously depending on the dimensions of the space, allows several people  to cook at a time: sinks, stove and shelf are well-defined areas within the work area.


We give you some tips on how to make the most out of your island kitchen design and turning it into a really functional and space-saving feature!

First of all it is necessary to take into account the presence of electrical outlets for the usage of household appliances. Having them away from the worktop may not always be optimal for food preparation.

Another thing that can be useful is to extend the countertop in comparison to the base of the island, in this way you can create a nice bar to match with some colored design stools.

A space saving advice is to take advantage of the space above the island to create supports for the tools that will constantly be needed! Besides the utensils you can also insert decorative shelves with aromatic or decorative plants, to add some beauty to our island.


Dada offers in its latest collection numerous island elements that are able to meet different project needs.

Wide worktops, semi-island tops, protruding tops, etc. ... Preset solutions for Dada surfaces do not exist, since each project has a particular story for which the elements can be modified to create tailor-made solutions.

One of the most emblematic and unique kitchen islands in the Dada collection is the Vela model by Dante Bonuccelli.

The Vela kitchen is characterized by absolute compositional freedom, which frees the designer to create the environment best suited to his needs.

The island top of the Vela kitchen includes: sinks, stove, stainless steel top, tubular steel hood, wooden counter, drawers and removable wooden shelvings.


All these elements enrich the Dada kitchen islands, making it an ultra modern element for our kitchens!

Image of the Vela kitchen by Dada
Image of the Vela kitchen by Dada
Image of the Vela kitchen by Dada
Image of the Vela kitchen by Dada
Image of the Vela kitchen by Dada

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