Among the trends of contemporary design, the growing diffusion of kitchens with islands is one of the most evident.

From a company that is always attentive to anticipate trends and develop them with exceptional quality, Dada has included in its catalog for several years various proposals that include the presence of an island element, which has become increasingly popular thanks to the countless TV shows that have brought to displays of many people the dynamics of professional kitchens, consequently increasing the passion for food preparation.

In the modern kitchen, however, the island is not just the place to cook, but finally enjoying larger spaces than those traditionally reserved for this activity; the spacious surfaces, made of precious materials, also become aesthetic elements and able to foster conviviality, transforming themselves into the fulcrum around which one can also stop and chat, perhaps savoring a glass of wine, yet another proof of the domestic boundaries between living area and kitchen that become more and more subtle and nuanced.



However, the kitchen island must also be synonymous with functionality, making every operation more practical and easier.

First of all, the dimensions of the top will have to take into account both the available space and the number of protagonists intended to fill in this environment: thanks to the island, in fact, even more people can be cooking at the same time, a perfect solution for those who love to share the passion for food and preparation.

Furthermore, the convenience of the island also consists in the possibility of placing tools and accessories easily reachable: this is why it is important to think in advance about where to install the electrical sockets, essential for being able to attach appliances near the worktop, and to think about bars or tool rests that can be placed on top of the island with the purpose of saving space elsewhere.

Contemporary cuisine, while recognizing the unchanged importance of a family lunch or dinner, to which to devote the right time, also provides spaces in which to consume faster moments, such as the possibility of creating an extended plan that acts as a counter where to drink a quick coffee or a quick breakfast before going out.



The level of customization offered by Dada concerns not only the various elements that make up the kitchen, but also the materials with which it is made and the needed colors to create the right environment.

In both cases, in fact, the choices are innumerable in order to meet the most disparate tastes: each material, among those of quality proposed by Dada, has unique characteristics capable of enhancing particular aspects of the kitchen.

For example, laminate has recently been rediscovered by the world of design furniture and is the perfect choice for those who want a worktop resistant to water, humidity and chemicals, which is easy to clean and is available in multiple colors, thanks to the possibility of obtaining effects similar to those of wood or marble.

Wood represents a solution particularly appreciated by Dada, which has used this material in the production of several kitchens, enhancing it through a catalog that includes countless essences, from canaletto walnut to eucalyptus or black oak, each with its own features but still perfect for creating a kitchen that is both elegant and modern.

Tempered glass, on the other hand, is able to give a touch of exclusivity to the kitchen with island, accentuating the feeling of continuity with other areas of the house and at the same time offering great resistance. Although in a different way, steel and marble know how to combine aesthetics and solidity with few equals, making them easy to clean.



The proposals of Dada kitchens with islands are many and different from each other, as well as being able to change and remodel themselves according to the spaces and the type of character that you want to give to this environment, without ever giving up modernity, elegance and functionality.

Intersection, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, is a classy product with a strong personality, designed to highlight the quality of the worktop materials through unusual combinations, such as the one between Breccia Capraia natural stone and wood, and plays of light and shadows obtained from the intersection of the various surfaces.

The Banco collection, conceived by designer Luca Meda, revolves around the central structure, which contains the most important functions such as cooking and washing and which houses suspended containers underneath that contribute to giving an idea of lightness that embraces the whole kitchen.

Il modello Hi-Line 6 disegnato da Ferruccio Laviani punta invece sulla semplicità, resa attraverso le forme rigorose dei vari elementi, che lasciano il ruolo da protagonisti ai materiali di qualità eccelsa e alle finiture pregiate messe a disposizione da Dada. Un aspetto sobrio che nasconde però un altissimo grado di funzionalità.

The Hi-Line 6 model designed by Ferruccio Laviani instead focuses on simplicity, rendered through the precise shapes of the various elements, which leave the role of protagonists to the excellent quality materials and fine finishes made available by Dada. A refreshing appearance that hides a very high degree of functionality.


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