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Kitchen countertop Ideas for you

Redecorating your kitchen? Here's a little guide of how to make the countertop in your kitchen more attractive and functional



Do you feel like making some changes in your kitchen but you don’t have the time or the energy for a radical revamp?

No problem, the best solution is to change the countertop surfaces!

With limited effort and timeone of the most used and vulnerable elements of the kitchen can be replaced, which also makes it vulnerable with the passing of time.


The best part? Because of the space that the kitchen worktop takes, with just one practical change you will feel like you have renewed the entire room!


Here are some kitchen countertop ideas and worktop proposals you could use for your home, and remember that you can always ask one of our consultants for help with the selection, as well as tips and suggestions for your kitchen.


The laminate is a material that is going through a moment of renewed popularity, after a period of lack of interest by architects and interior designers, who preferred more natural or technological materials for their projects. In particular, laminate is suitable for the kitchen worktop because it offers extreme resistance to water, humidity, chemical agents and impacts, as well as being easy to clean with a sponge and liquid soap. The material can also  be produced in an almost infinite range of colors and effects, simulating even the finest, yet most delicate materials, such as wood or marble. This material is perfect for both the worktop and for the countertop in the kitchen.


Looking for ideas for an open kitchen placed in an elegant and refined living room? Tempered glass could be the perfect solution. In this way, depending on our needs, the surface can be transformed into a worktop as well as a precious crystal table, to ensure continuity of style with the living room area, but at the same time to ensure extreme functionality. The tempered glass is in fact a material specially treated to withstand shocks and abrasions and to guarantee a decomposition into non-dangerous fragments, in case of accidental breakage.


Do you love the effect of antique wood, with its veins and imperfections? Then we have another kitchen countertop idea for you! Why not cover the entire kitchen worktop with antique wood panels? This is a particular type of wood treated in such a way as to look antique, inspired by vintage furniture. The only downside of this is that wood is a material of great impact but it is not that resistant to water and moisture, careful maintenance with specific products is recommended to preserve its beauty over time. This type of material is also optimal for wall mounted shelves.


Steel is particularly suitable for the kitchen worktop, for its aesthetic qualities and for its valuable functional characteristics. It is in fact an extremely hygienic material and for this reason it is usually used to cover the kitchens of restaurants and businesses all over the food industry. In addition, steel offers great resistance to heat, stains and impacts. The only flaw of the material, for those who want a perfect kitchen up to the last detail: the minimum resistance to scratches. This means that if we choose the steel for the kitchen surface, we should pay more attention to its maintenance, with specific products for its cleaning.


Solid, unique, timeless ... there are not enough words to describe marble, a material that has always played a major role in the kitchen. In fact, marble can be used to decorate the kitchen area even across different styles: from the country house to the classic villa, up to the young and modern apartment. Easy to clean a damp cloth and quite resistant to impacts, marble may have as its only downside the reduced resistance to erosion by oils and chemical agents.


So, which material do you prefer for your kitchen?

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