Craftsmanship quality, simplicity and innovation: this is the mix of characteristics at the basis of the Prime kitchen by Dada, developed by the company's internal research and development department in an attempt to combine elegance and functionality in the best possible way.

With this collection, which can be realized in many compositional variants that leave the customer the possibility of giving shape to the most suitable project for their domestic spaces, Dada tries to make the most of the characteristic opening with groove which is designed both to embellish the kitchen from the point of view aesthetic but, above all, to make it easier to use for those who live on it every day.

In an overall simple design, minimal tendencies, the numerous finishes proposed by Dada take on a leading role, which allow you to add a refined and elegant touch to the kitchen, making it even more customizable according to customer tastes.



The Prime kitchen was developed directly by the Dada Engineered R&D department with the aim of creating a versatile product, therefore adaptable to various types of environments, capable of combining design and functionality in the best possible way.

Dada Prime has a modern look, given it by simple and essential lines, but its true soul is represented by the many compositional solutions that aim to maximize comfort and ease of use in any situation.

Each element of Dada Prime can be enriched with LED lights capable of creating illuminated profiles, while among the most avant-garde solutions Dada also includes with this model the possibility of equipping wall units and tall units from the Flair collection with glass doors, choose the tapered aluminum shelves from the Wing collection or even include the Prime snack top in the project, equipped with a titan aluminum and pewter supporting structure and composed with the new dark walnut wood.



All the details of Prime, as well as its simple and elegant design, are the result of R&D Dada Engineered, who wanted to shape a kitchen in line with the change in the way customers approach this environment, who today are always looking for plus the perfect mix between the aesthetic side and the more functional one.

It is no coincidence that the main feature of Prime is precisely the groove opening which, in addition to further enhancing the clean shapes and finishes of the doors and counters, thanks to the absence of handles, uses a method of opening them which makes it a more easy and practical operation for those who frequent this environment every day.

Dada's decision to equip the doors with a curved handle was made in order to further increase ergonomics and ease of opening, but the finishes available for Dada Prime also play a decisive role in the glance offered by the kitchen, since they follow each element in a way that is as discreet as it is elegant.

Among the selectable finishes for the doors, bilaminate, maxxigloss® and fenix® stand out, as well as 10 different types of woods, while ceramic, natural stones, quartzite and stainless steel are among the possible finishes for the tops.

Visiting the showroom in Corso Europa 2, Milan in person, you can be guided in choosing the ideal combination for your needs, depending on whether you want a warmer environment or prefer a more urban or modern style.



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