close up of the stone washbasin of the VVD kitchen one of the best modern italian kitchens

Modern Italian Kitchens

The best Italian kitchens: here are the most fascinating, innovative and luxurious kitchen designs.


The best kitchen designs revolve around the fundamental desire to tell a story and inspire, but also aim to transform the concept of contemporaneity into something palpable.


The recent kitchen trends want to exalt conviviality while furthering and improving the research into different materials. The designers’ idea is to transform the the kitchen from a solely functional environment to a luxurious space that it is both practical and aesthetically beautiful. The kitchen is one of the few rooms of the house whose design must combine functionality with aesthetics, and thus the planning of this space can be complicated but also incredibly fascinating.


After all, the best Italian kitchens are the ones that stir the positive and loving emotions of those who use them and live them. Let's explore some of the most fascinating, innovative and luxurious Italian kitchen designs.


The Tivalì kitchen, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, leaves no one indifferent. This design project challenges the traditional look of the kitchen: doors hide every element of the kitchen, leaving the eye to experience only elegant monoliths. The design of this kitchen will give a timeless feel to any environment. The space modifies in relation to the kitchen, creating a deeper connection with it and generating a visual experience of Tivalì that changes depending on the how the kitchen is used. This 2004 fusion of technology and design has now changed again, going from a linear kitchen to an angular kitchen. This new version, however, maintains the key features of the original Tivalì.


On the opposite side of the spectrum we find the VVD kitchen, designed in 2016 by Vincent Van Duysen. The sophisticated contrast of different materials, the alternation between full and empty spaces and the varying thickness of the structure create an architectural space in which one can feel protected and relaxed. Every element is studied to transmit the essence of its material. Technological features form a contemporary design that is discreet and and easy to use. In 2017 this innovative project received the Elle Deco International Design Award.


Banco by Luca Meda is a majestic-looking kitchen, but it also transmits an incredible sense of lightness, thanks to the elegant materials and surfaces. These elements, which are especially pleasing to the eye, highlight the delicate and refined details of the design. Twenty years after its creation, this masterpiece remains a reference point within the field of kitchen design. Luca Meda himself is a unique example of a designer’s capability to unite business and creativity. Proof of his ability to link the business world with the design world is his recent exhibition at the Triennale of Milan. The exhibition, a collaboration with Molteni&C and Dada, displayed the drawings, projects, catalogues and photographs of the designer.


INDada by Nicola Gallizia is a kitchen that follows the philosophy of subtraction. INDada is a celebration of essentialism and a manifesto of elegance thanks to the sophisticated personalisable materials that allow you to build a kitchen that embodies “the richness of simplicity”. Gallizia, who was one of Meda’s students, follows his own personal idea of design but does not forget, and sometimes even builds on, the design style of his professor.


Modern Italian kitchens all have common elemental traits: they are complex, sophisticated and refined, but, most of all, they will constantly surprise and excite you.

one of the best modern italian kitchens Banco kitchen by Luca Meda made in steel with a grey palette
one of the best modern italian kitchens Indada by Nicola Gallizia a minimal wood and metal kitchen
one of the best modern italian kitchens tivalì by dante bonuccelli a grey minimal concealed kitchen
the best modern italian kitchens VVD by Vincent Van Duysen made with stone wood and metal

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