In the Molteni philosophy, the kitchen is the place where aesthetics and functionality come together to create environments to be enjoyed every day, both alone and in company, capable of lasting over time and characterized by a design capable of pleasing the eye .

To achieve this result, Molteni kitchens integrate technologies that are the result of continuous experimentation aimed at providing customers with original solutions tailored to specific needs, which allow people to cook as freely as possible.

In this case, Dada Engineering, the research and development department of Molteni&C which now carries decades of experience in developing cutting-edge proposals, represents a guarantee.

At the basis of the birth of Dada Engineering, which today is synonymous with quality and innovation, was Molteni's acquisition of the Dada company, which took place in 1979. That small artisan workshop founded in 1926 and then became an authentic reference for his kitchens made with quality techniques and materials he then encountered the technology of a rapidly expanding group such as Molteni&C.

Thanks to this brilliant synergy, the kitchens of Molteni and Dada have been able to evolve over the years not only by intercepting the tastes of their customers, but by anticipating the times by adopting innovative technologies before others and offering modular and highly customizable systems, available in different finishes.

All this, combined with the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, has allowed Molteni to design iconic kitchens with timeless elegance.


Molteni kitchen proposals

Molteni kitchens designed by Dada Engineering are designed by the most prestigious designers and have different characteristics, although they are designed to adapt as much as possible to customer needs.

Among the most appreciated models, both for the design and for the level of innovation or the quality of the materials used, VVD by Vincent Van Duysen undoubtedly stands out, which experiments with the absence of handles and focuses on an aesthetic level on a sense of harmony given by a contrast between different thicknesses and an alternation of full and empty spaces.

Designed by Dante Bonuccelli, Tivalì 2.0 presents itself as the evolution of the box kitchen designed by the same designer in 2004 and, as at the time, surprises with its contemporary design and its ability to adapt even to the smallest spaces, moreover thanks to innovations such as ergonomic handles and operating columns.

Intersection by Molteni is another collection designed by Vincent Van Duysen, this time with an almost sculptural charm deriving from the use of natural stone. The intersection of different surfaces, and the resulting play of light and shadow, reveal Van Duysen's architectural background, which is fundamental in providing his works with a perception of internal space that is linked to the external architecture of the building.

But the proposals in the Molteni catalog are many and varied: from Hi-Line 6 to Ratio, up to Sistema 7, the kitchens designed by Dada Engineering know how to meet every need.


Design and finishes

A true combination of elegance and functionality, the Molteni kitchens with the Dada Engineering brand focus on an essential but refined design, which is able to highlight the quality of the materials used and the details of the finishes.

The importance given to the customization of products by Molteni means that the customer can choose between numerous different finishes to shape an original kitchen consistent with the desired style.

Metal, marble, glass and wood are just some of the materials used to embellish Dada Engineering kitchens: the consultants present in the flagship store in Corso Europa 2, Milan will be able to direct you towards those most suited to the style of your apartment.


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