Starting from 1969, the Dada company founded by Angelo Garavaglia in 1926 became part of the Molteni Group, a company which at the time was going through a great evolution and which led it to establish itself as a point of reference in the furniture sector worldwide, after founded at the beginning of the century as an artisan workshop.

The combination of Dada by Molteni marked a further turning point for a brand that had already increased its production in the 1950s and had made itself known for handcrafted quality kitchen furnishings, until the change of name arrived in 1972 in “Dada, haute cuisine furniture”.

In fact, following the acquisition, the path that made Dada a recognized and appreciated brand on an international level began: its kitchens, designed by designers of the highest reputation such as Vincent Van Duysen or Dante Bonuccelli, have been able to preserve the artisanal character of the ancient workshop of Garavaglia, combining it with the technological innovations introduced over the years to make this domestic environment increasingly comfortable and avant-garde.


Molteni Group affiliates Dada

The combination of Dada within the Molteni Group, which today also includes the Unifor and Citterio brands, took place in 1979, at the end of a phase in which the Molteni Group, born as a workshop founded by Angelo Molteni in 1934, had decided to convert entirely to designer furniture.

A few years ago, Dada, a small company founded in the province of Milan in 1926 as an artisan workshop dedicated to the creation of furniture and doors and windows, had inaugurated the serial production of wardrobes and kitchens, to keep up with an ever-increasing demand.

Entry into the Molteni Group guaranteed Dada, at that historical moment, further motivation, allowing the brand to grow and in the following decades to receive various prizes and recognitions for its kitchens, which contributed to anticipating new trends and to renew the concept of the kitchen, which has increasingly become a place of sharing and conviviality open to the rest of the home.


Molteni and Dada together: what changes

The acquisition of Dada by the Molteni Group meant an inevitable process of internationalization for the brand, which however was able to preserve that attention to the quality of the used materials and the details of the furniture production which have made Dada kitchens famous throughout the world.

However, the union between Molteni and Dada also marked a turning point for the prestigious collaborations with some of the most renowned designers on the world scene: from Luca Meda to Rodolfo Dordoni, there are many names that have allowed Dada to create exclusive products with an always original and able to combine elegance, quality and functionality.

In addition to the Compasso d'Oro received by Molteni in 1994, among the most significant milestones in recent years is the decision to entrust the role of creative director of the Dada and Molteni&C brands to the award-winning Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, who in addition to designing some of the most successful kitchens, such as Intersection, has renewed the global image of the brands thanks to the unique design given to the flagship stores of the two companies.

All of Dada's latest innovations and most iconic collections can be discovered by visiting the Molteni&C flagship store in Corso Europa 2, Milan, a company that has been collaborating closely with SAG'80 for years, offering its excellence to its clients.


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