A monochromatic Dada kitchen in light grey with a worktop in stainless steel

Stainless steel kitchen ideas for 2018

Stainless steel kitchen countertops are ideal complements that never go old,  with steel being a material always up to date when it comes to functionality and aesthetics



The trends for 2018 are clear: Steel will continue to be a part of our kitchens.

No more a closed and isolated space from the rest of the house, the kitchen transforms itself into an open space, interconnected with the living area. It is because of this that it’s necessary for it to be not only functional but also aesthetically perfect, which is a characteristic that steel gives to any kitchen. A recommendation to improve the vivacity of steel surfaces is to match it with colorful elements. For example, from the aesthetic point of view, steel matches pleasantly with kitchen areas decorated with colored ceramics. This way, the classic grey is enlivened by lively and diverse colors of ceramics or other decorative materials.


If on one side we have a blaze of color, on the other one instead the new 2018 trends invite us to make of the kitchen a monochromatic space. The color palette that seems to be trendy includes only three colors: grey, cream and turtledove. Neutral tones that keep a delicate and refined climate in the kitchen area.

The silver color of the steel is particularly present in other complements of the kitchen: pipings, kitchen hoods, utensils on the wall. In this way, the stainless grey becomes the dominant color of the kitchen. All these elements, united perhaps to a vintage looking faucet, give the kitchen an industrial atmosphere that adapts naturally to every house.


Besides the trendy color, stainless steel represents the best solution for kitchen surfaces because of both the low cost and the good aesthetic quality.


Aside from these qualities, steel is heat and impact resistant. It is also hard to stain, since any dirt can be removed easily with several products available in the market, without ruining the quality of the material. Its this easiness to be cleaned that makes steel one of the most hygienic materials for the kitchen. It is quite versatile, regardless of the design of the kitchen, a stainless steel worktop is a design object always in fashion, elegant, practical and functional.


Besides the worktop, steel is present in many other elements of the kitchen. The brand Dada has designed functional operating columns. The operating column is a modern supporting system to hold every station of the kitchen: ovens, drawers, shelvings, accessories… Every column can be created depending on the demands and needs of the client.

Dada’s operating column adds an innovative Fold & Slide closing system to this commodity: everything is easily accessible once it’s placed in the practical extractable surface in stainless steel.


Another element in steel that helps with the organization of the elements in the kitchen is the spinning column by Dada. The column was designed in 1988 for angled spaces, and its characteristic because of its containment capacity, thanks to the complete use of internal shelves. The system is supported by a central pillar in aluminum that spins a mechanism with 360º rotation, which holds numerous steel shelves that can contain plates, accessories and food.


Steel is predominant also in the accessories of the kitchen: pots, cutlery and utensils, practically for every dish we prepare we need to use instruments made of steel. Steel accessories can be hanged from the wall to create a practical and functional design or they can be placed in the drawers, whose purpose is to organize the space and order the interior of the furniture.


The large drawers are designed for pots, lids, plates and boxes. They have anti-slip foundation, wooden racks, adjustable cup holders and black steel storage racks. The top drawers are instead made to contain smaller objects. Cutlery and tools divider, glass spice rack, black steel boxes and roll holder, service tray and tool holder in wood, wine kit, scales.


A last steel complement that enriches Dada’s kitchen is the practical Sga.Bello, a chair of two different heights composed by legs in steel and a seat in plastic. A fun object to use in surfaces for lunch or breakfast.


Containers, worktops, utensils and seats: Steel in the kitchen is here to stay.

A monochromatic Dada kitchen in light grey with a worktop in stainless steel
Internal view of the spinning column by Dada
Internal view of the spinning column by Dada
An image of a grey colored operative column by Dada
An image of a grey colored operative column by Dada, where we can see the stainless steel racks
A drawer of accessories in steel arranged in different compartments.
A drawer of accessories in steel arranged in different compartments.

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