Concept and Characteristics of the Molteni Tivalì 2.0 Kitchen


It was only 2004 when the Argentine designer Dante Bonuccelli formulated for the first time the concept of a flexible kitchen, or box kitchen, to be able to make the most of even spaces with not too spacious dimensions, without forcing those who live there to give up technology, functionality and elegance in a domestic environment which still remains fundamental today.

The model, produced by Dada, was called Tivalì and proved to be the pioneer of an idea that could be summed up with the phrase "Everything in a small space", taken up years later by the Molteni Group itself and by the same designer to give life in 2022 at Tivalì 2.0, the evolved version embellished with new technologies and solutions which, once again, show all of Dada's attention to research.

Tivalì 2.0 by Dada takes the concept of the box kitchen to the next level, presenting itself at first glance as a large closed piece of furniture which, in fact concentrates everything needed to organize tools in a space ranging between 2.4 and 3 meters and accessories take possession of the operational area, where cooking is considered as a performance to be shown in a functional and tailor-made environment.


Concept and Characteristics of the Molteni Tivalì 2.0 Kitchen

With Tivalì 2.0, Dada and Dante Bonuccelli want to further enhance the idea of a box kitchen capable of bringing together everything that is useful for cooking in small spaces, making the kitchen integrable into any type of environment, without neglecting the aesthetics, an aspect that has become increasingly important in the homes of a public that increasingly seeks harmonious and elegant shapes.

It is no coincidence that Tivalì 2.0 is designed to fit extremely discreetly into the domestic environment, with a clean appearance which, when the kitchen is not in use, completely hides its contents.

Thanks to the new ergonomic handle, created for this version in solid Post wood, and the folding sliding doors that integrate advanced mechanisms, it is possible in a few simple gestures to reveal the kitchen, which appears as a sort of stage waiting for the main actor .

The innovative mechanism in fact allows the doors, without the trolley and the lower base, to retract and come together in the shape of the container with a fluid and easy to perform movement.

Once opened, Tivalì 2.0 allows you to have the worktop, wall units, accessories and main appliances all within a few meters, making operation simple and instant.

On the other hand, without any doubts Dada and Molteni pay particular attention to design, proposing customizable solutions to meet tastes and needs: this is why the doors made of honeycomb aluminum can be configured in the various finishes included in the range, while the same kitchen can be configured in three different heights and two different widths.

This is a fundamental versatility for a type of kitchen that lends itself to being integrated into an open area of the house and connected to the living room, and which must therefore also match the surrounding furnishing style.

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