Vvd Vincent Van Duysen: Life And Works

Architect or interior designer? It is difficult to pin a single label to Vincent Van Duysen, capable of enclosing these two passions and activities in a single figure.

Trained thanks to the architectural studies carried out in Belgium, his native country, VVD then landed in the world of interior design taking advantage of what he learned in the academic years to develop an intense relationship between these two professions which is then reflected in his projects, all developed based on the awareness of the link between internal and external space.



Born in Belgium in 1962, precisely in Lokeren, Vincent Van Duysen graduated in his native country, at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Ghent, before entering the world of interior design through collaborations with Aldo Cibic in Milan, and with the decorator Jean de Meulder in Antwerp.

These first experiences were the prologue to the birth of Vincent Van Duysen Architects in 1989, the studio that today can count on 30 collaborators and which is behind the design of the products of various brands known all over the world, as well as developing commercial and large-scale architectural projects in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Asia, with precise attention to the world of luxury homes.

As evidence of the recognition of Van Duysen's work, various awards were then received, including the Belgian Designer of the Year, and prestigious assignments: from 2016 he became creative director of the Molteni&C and Dada brands, helping to change their image on a global level, only through the launch of new products, but also by giving an unique design to the flagship stores of the two companies.



Functionality, resistance and comfort are three key aspects that Vincent Van Duysen constantly tries to propose in his works, always characterized by a great essentiality that aims to make timeless objects, rather than flatter the fashions and trends of the moment, also thanks to the skilful use of pure and solid materials.

The profound relationship between architecture and interior design that distinguishes the designer emerges from the works of Van Duysen. Whether it is furniture or accessories, in fact, the objects are not simply conceived in form, but also show a perception of the internal space that is closely linked to the external architecture.

Furthermore, the senses and a physical experience of space, materials and lighting, which always puts the integrity of the end user at the center, are guiding the interior designer's projects.



Among the projects created by Van Duysen is Intersection for Dada, a kitchen with a great expressive character, strongly focused on refined details that highlight the excellent ability of the Molteni Group company to work with materials.

The various surfaces intersect each other creating plays of light and shadow. The worktops in Breccia Capraia natural stone alternate harmoniously with the grain of the wood that characterizes the top of the snack top, an alternation of different materials that recalls one of the masterpieces of the master Carlo Scarpa, which is the Querini Stampalia Palace in Venice, source of inspiration of Van Duysen precisely for the masterly use of marble, stone, ceramic, wood and metal, capable of coexisting in a single, sophisticated but splendid environment.

The use of geometric compositions made by Piet Mondrian, founder of Neoplasticism (a movement also known as de Stijl), also guided VVD in the creation of Intersection, which aims precisely to obtain rigorous geometries from the intersection of the essences.

Users can also enjoy a high level of customization, which allows them to choose from a wide range of linear, island or corner compositions. Among the outstanding elements of the project is the remarkable design of the top, which boasts a thickness of 50 millimeters and was made with a sculptural detail, with a "groove line" in its lower part that makes it possible to open the doors, and drawers without needing handles.

For Van Duysen himself, Intersection is “a project that plays with proportions, thicknesses and a mix of refined materials”.



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